Delta Cost Data

The Delta Cost Project uses publicly available data to clarify the often daunting world of higher education finance. Delta staff translate the data into formats that can be used for long-term analyses of trends in money received and money spent in higher education. Using four key metrics, researchers produce trend and other analytic reports and presentations that help policy makers understand what is happening in higher education finance.

Key Metrics

  • Revenue: Where Does the Money Come From?
  • Spending: Where Does the Money Go?
  • Subsidies: What Are Tuitions Paying For?
  • Outcomes: What Does the Money Buy?

The Delta Cost data are available for public use in two formats:

Delta Cost Project Database
This database is used by researchers and experts who want to analyze Delta Cost data on their own. 

Trends in College Spending
This user-friendly web-based system allows higher education stakeholders to analyze data on higher education revenues, spending, subsidies and outcomes.