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Delta Cost Project's Steven Hurlburt discusses key takeaways from Trends in College Spending: 2003-2013

Our director discusses the findings and implications in a blog post for the American Institutes for Research's Education Policy Center.

Delta Cost Project's College Spending in a Turbulent Decade (2000-2013) featured in Essential Documents in the History of American Higher Education

John R. Thelin's book, a compendium of key documents in the history of higher education, has become a standard in higher education studies. Read the Delta Cost Project report included in the book here.

Donna Desrochers writes, Think Again: Is Rampant College Spending Behind Skyrocketing Tuition Bills? Or Not?

Our former director challenges a commonly held perception about increasing college costs. 

Delta Cost Project's Labor Intensive or Labor Expensive? cited in Think Again: Administrators Ate My Tuition! Really?

Think Again is a series of insights from AIR experts that challenge commonly held perceptions. Read the Delta Cost Project issue brief referenced in this expert commentary here

What's New

The Delta Cost Project Database is updated with 2014-15 data. These data have been translated into analytical formats to allow for longitudinal analyses of trends in postsecondary education with a focus on revenues and expenditures.  
Contingent faculty now comprise the majority of all faculty at U.S. colleges and universities. This brief, the first of a two-part series, presents a profile of the contingent workforce, examining the number and percentage of non-tenure-track...
Little is known about whether relying more heavily on contingent faculty result in lower overall costs or if the money saved on instruction is being spent in other areas. This brief, the second in a two-part series, documents the financial trade-...